PostSecret: Where Language, Art, and Vulnerability Collide

Sometimes the best ideas begin with a dream. And the PostSecret project is no exception. This ongoing community art project was born in 2005 to proud parent Frank Warren. After visiting Paris–where he experienced a lucid dream, he returned to the states and began disseminating postcards with specific directions: Recipients must write down their innermost secrets, use the…… Continue reading PostSecret: Where Language, Art, and Vulnerability Collide

Ingredients for a Delicious Passion Blog Post

In an effort to create a positive digital footprint–while doing real-world writing for an authentic audience beyond Teacher-Lady, my students have started their Passion Blog Projects. This real-world task, inspired by the fabulous teacher-author  Catlin Tucker (@catlin_tucker), allows students to shape their own learning while honing their research, communication, writing, and digital citizenship skills. They…… Continue reading Ingredients for a Delicious Passion Blog Post

Stretching: It Does a Classroom Good

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., asserted that “Man’s mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions.” Since I’m assuming that applies to a woman’s mind, too, I’m fixing to celebrate: My mind has done quite a bit of stretching since September. I should mention that my department is now using a newly purchased,…… Continue reading Stretching: It Does a Classroom Good

The Beauty of a Blank Canvas

August ignites a range of emotions in teachers. We’re sad that our delicious, correcting-free days of summer are over. We’re disappointed that those ambitious To-Do Lists didn’t get completed. We’re dismayed at how quickly the school supplies, school clothes, and school lunches add up. And we’re eager to step down from our role as referee between our littles at home we’re eager to start…… Continue reading The Beauty of a Blank Canvas

‘Tis the Season–of Abdominal Pain?

If April showers bring May flowers, and Mayflowers bring pilgrims, what does June bring? Apparently, abdominal pain. I’ve had some internal discomfort for a while, and since I practically have a medical degree because I can Google my symptoms, I self-diagnosed it as being gall bladder-related. My doctor-sister, Wendy, thinks I’m Hysterical–but not in that ha-ha-you’re-so-funny kind of way; she means…… Continue reading ‘Tis the Season–of Abdominal Pain?