When Numbers Don’t Lie

Students can’t be reduced to a number. They can’t be defined by their results on a common assessment, reduced to where they fall on a state test, nor limited by their SAT/ACT scores.

However, sometimes numbers don’t lie.

With a towering goal of helping students fall back (or remain) in love with reading–while building their stamina to endure the 600-pages-per-week of reading they’ll be asked to do in college, I need numbers. They help validate what I do in the classroom (e.g., allow students to choose the majority of their texts, begin every class with 10 minutes of reading, use Goodreads for goal-setting and -tracking, maintain a classroom library).

So, at the end of every year, I ask students to tally how many books they read–cover-to-cover–during the previous school year and how many they read throughout the current year.

And. It. Is. Glorious.

In a world of SparkNotes, Fake Reading, and Beating the System, check out the growth of these amazing, authentic (and hopefully lifelong) readers! It’ll warm your soul.

C Block's Growth

Last Year’s Total: 55 Books; This Year’s Total: 189 Books!

Collage 2017-06-19 19_16_51
Last Year’s Total: 87 Books; This Year’s Total: 244 Books!
Collage 2017-06-19 19_14_48
Last Year’s Total: 40 Books; This Year’s Total: 137 Books!





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