the gratitude project (2022).


Back in 2017, during Thanksgiving week, I began assigning what I lovingly call “The Gratitude Project.” Essentially, I forced my students–and myself–to reflect on the Good in our lives in the midst of all of the Bad. And it quickly became one of my favorite activities of the year.

We always kick off the mini-unit by letting Kid President inspire us in class, and at home, we explore several “books” from our interactive Gratitude Library choice board (below.) (Hover over a title to do some light “reading” of your own.)

Every day, we spend a few minutes sharing our takeaways from the various resources we chose to explore the night before. All of this is the primer for the physical part of the project: a community slide deck that houses at least five things for which each of us is thankful this year. The contributions range from lighthearted to heartfelt, but all reflect the diverse mix of Grateful Thinkers in Room 1227.

I play, too, and share my example with the students first (below).

Take a look below to see what these fabulous adolescents shared. (Click on the slide deck to advance through the slides.)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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