our break-up letters to 2020.

My Creative Writers keep Writers’ Notebooks, housing writing exercises we complete each week. Some entries are brainstorms, others are single-sitting warm-ups, and others are the beginnings of pieces we’ll develop at a later date. It seems fitting, then, that our final entry for 2020 was a Dear John letter to one of the craziest years on record.

Before the students began, we had a crash course in SATIRE, watched the sixth grader whose COVID-19 breakup letter went viral in the spring, and then looked at a review of All Things 2020. Then, the students were let loose to dump 2020 on its behind! The only stipulation? It had to be a minimum of 200 words and, of course, be dripping in snark.

Take a look at some of the fabulous letters this year’s “newly single” students wrote. They’re heartbreaking. And hilarious. (To interact with them, move your cursor over the image to scroll through OR click HERE to see and ❤️️ them on Padlet.)


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