teaching style: the art of repetition.

Most honors students enter my classroom in the fall with the ability to craft organized, error-free writing. Which is fabulous. However, most students don’t have the tools to take their writing to the next level. (And based on the Traits of an Honors Student, taken from the Honors English course description in our school’s Program of Studies, honors students are already supposed to be writing on a more sophisticated level than their college prep counterparts.) One of the tools we recently emulated is repetition, which is a “rhetorical device writers use to make their point clearer and more memorable” (Your Dictionary).

After looking at some fabulous examples in literature, the students set out to make this sophisticated technique their own. Take a look at some of their publishing!

  • Writing can be a challenge. People need a challenge. A challenge is what helps people grow.
  • It’s going to get better. Everything gets better in time and I plan on doing whatever I have to in order to make it better. I will force it to get better.
  • We played for our families. We played for ourselves. But most importantly, we played for each other in the championship game.
  • I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe the vibrant colors right before my eyes. I couldn’t believe the delightful aromas filling the air. I couldn’t believe the overall sensation and feeling of safety. I couldn’t believe I found home.
  • We waited not knowing what would happen. We waited not knowing if we would be happy with the results or not. We waited not knowing if the list would destroy friendships or bring people closer together.
  • We’d get to see ball games, we’d get to see Broadway shows, we’d get to see some museums and we’d get to experience anything else New York has to offer.
  • don’t like running, I don’t like it at all. I don’t want to like running, I don’t want to like it at all, yet all I do is run.
  • He fell hard. And he fell fast.
  • What’s outside the window? A thousand possibilities. What’s outside the window?A land far away. What’s outside the window? Anything but here
  • Green is my favorite color. Green is the color of the trees. Green is the color of the grass. Green is the color of the land we call home.
  • Tonight, we fight for our fathers, we fight for our mothers, we fight for our sisters, we fight for our sons, we fight for our daughters, we fight for our future. Tonight, my friends, we fight for our freedom.

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