our breakup letters to 2022

After a pretty rough 2020 and its Bait-and-Switch cousin 2021, we were all excited for a shiny new 2022. Until we had to live through it. So, what better way to cut free than to write Dear John letters to 2020 and 2021. (Our Creative Writing I & II students did just that.)

And of course, imagine our surprise when Shiny, New 2022 ended up being a mixed bag of a year. This year’s batch o’ Creative Writers dumped 2022 on its behind, too, hoping that 2023 will, in fact, be The One. 🤞

The assignment has been the same over the last three years: Write a break-up letter to Year 2022, and include some highlights, a palpable voice, and a little restraint. (All language has been censored, because this is a Family Show.) They turned out snarky, insightful, and all sorts of fabulous–all while including many of the Writing Moves we’ve been practicing this year. Check out their letters HERE. And even better? Let our writers know their Voices are being heard by clicking on the ❤️️ icon below their posts right on the Padlet.

NOTE: This post is also featured in Reflections, WMHS’ award-winning literary magazine. Check it out HERE. Even better? Subscribe and/or follow to receive an updates whenever our Creative Writing II staffers publishes new pieces.

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