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Spinach-Filled Brownies

Sneaking Rigor into the Choice-Reading Classroom Choice is a beautiful thing. With students choosing their own titles in my class, there’s so. much. beauty. There’s beauty in watching Reluctant Readers realize that reading is enjoyable–maybe just not how we‘ve been assigning it. These students… Continue Reading “Spinach-Filled Brownies”

Silver Linings

There’s been lots of talk about finding the Silver Linings in the midst of our current COVID storm. At publishing time, we’ve been quarantined here in New England for ten weeks, and schools are closed indefinitely. However, despite all of the anxiety and unrest,… Continue Reading “Silver Linings”

On Death and Teaching

I always tell my students that Life trumps School. I don’t want them worrying about a reading assignment or writing deadline when they should be caring for a post-op mom or sitting with a sick grandparent. Life is precious, our time together is limited,… Continue Reading “On Death and Teaching”

CHOICE: It Does a Reading Program Good.

High schoolers aren’t reading like they used to. However, most students remember a time when they enjoyed reading, going to the library, having a book read to them. But something happened, and reading was placed on the back burner. (For my readers, that Something… Continue Reading “CHOICE: It Does a Reading Program Good.”

The Dangers of Landscaping

Teachers don’t have favorites. Sure, and Mom didn’t like me best because I was the baby. However, there are definitely those students whose growth leaves us beaming with pride, whose writing leaves a lasting impression, whose authenticity leaves us questioning how we can help fix… Continue Reading “The Dangers of Landscaping”

5 Benefits of Going Paperless

I love the planet; however, I didn’t go paperless in my classroom to save the Earth. It’s a fabulous, additional benefit, as we ELA teachers can photocopy like nobody’s business! But saving trees wasn’t the motivating force two years ago; engaging my students–while trying… Continue Reading “5 Benefits of Going Paperless”

The Power of Words

I’m a work in progress–both in and out of the classroom. Outside the classroom, I’m still trying to survive navigate each stage of child-rearing, which I’ve decided is only mastered after my own two children have moved on to the next phase of development.  But that hasn’t… Continue Reading “The Power of Words”

“Make a Legal U-Turn, If Possible.”

2015 was rough. While I still functioned reasonably well on the outside, it entailed a lot of smoke and quite a few mirrors. Even if we’re grieving over a loved one, Standard RL.2.1 still needs to be taught. And regardless of our backlog of essays, Common… Continue Reading ““Make a Legal U-Turn, If Possible.””

The Classroom Library (Yes, Even in HS!)

My husband says I work for free–although, if we’re counting this past year, I may have actually paid to come to work. The reason? You’re looking at it: the classroom library. After being inspired by the likes of Kelly Gallagher (Readicide), Penny Kittle (Book Love), and… Continue Reading “The Classroom Library (Yes, Even in HS!)”