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when numbahs don’t lie (2021-2).

Students can’t be reduced to a number. They can’t be defined by their results on a common assessment, reduced to where they fall on a state test, nor limited by their SAT/ACT scores. However, sometimes numbers don’t lie. With a towering goal of helping students fall… Continue Reading “when numbahs don’t lie (2021-2).”

spinach-filled brownies

Sneaking Rigor into the Choice-Reading Classroom Choice is a beautiful thing. With students choosing their own titles in my class, there’s so. much. beauty. There’s beauty in watching Reluctant Readers realize that reading is enjoyable–maybe just not how we‘ve been assigning it. These students… Continue Reading “spinach-filled brownies”

choice: it does a reading program good.

High schoolers aren’t reading like they used to. However, most students remember a time when they enjoyed reading, going to the library, having a book read to them. But something happened, and reading was placed on the back burner. (For my readers, that Something… Continue Reading “choice: it does a reading program good.”

let them choose books.

Penny Kittle wrote,  “A book isn’t rigorous if students aren’t reading it.” This single statement has shaped my teaching career more than just about anything else. And for my first fifteen years, my students (and, chances are, probably yours, too) simply weren’t reading. I… Continue Reading “let them choose books.”

the classroom library (yes, even in high school).

My husband says I work for free–although, if we’re counting this past year, I may have actually paid to come to work. The reason? You’re looking at it: the classroom library. After being inspired by the likes of Kelly Gallagher (Readicide), Penny Kittle (Book Love), and… Continue Reading “the classroom library (yes, even in high school).”