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postsecret: where language, art, and vulnerability collide.

Sometimes the best ideas begin with a dream. And the PostSecret project is no exception. This ongoing community art project was born in 2005 to proud parent Frank Warren. After visiting Paris–where he experienced a lucid dream, he returned to the states and began disseminating postcards… Continue Reading “postsecret: where language, art, and vulnerability collide.”

we still hear america singing: a collaborative poem

Our American Lit students are examining the role that individualism plays in American society. After studying Walt Whitman’s “I Hear America Singing” (and Langston Hughes’ response, “I, Too“), my juniors, as a class, created their own 21st century anthems below. They were too fabulous… Continue Reading “we still hear america singing: a collaborative poem”

ingredients of a delicious passion blog post.

(👆Abby A. working on her travel blog.👆) In an effort to create a positive digital footprint–while doing real-world writing for an authentic audience beyond Teacher-Lady, my students have started their Passion Blog Projects. This real-world task, inspired by the fabulous teacher-author  Catlin Tucker (@catlin_tucker),… Continue Reading “ingredients of a delicious passion blog post.”

stretching: it does a classroom good.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., asserted that “Man’s mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions.” Since I’m assuming that applies to a woman’s mind, too, I’m fixing to celebrate: My mind has done quite a bit of stretching since September.… Continue Reading “stretching: it does a classroom good.”

the beauty of a blank canvas.

August ignites a range of emotions in teachers. We’re sad that our delicious, correcting-free days of summer are over. We’re disappointed that those ambitious To-Do Lists didn’t get completed. We’re dismayed at how quickly the school supplies, school clothes, and school lunches add up. And we’re eager to step down from our… Continue Reading “the beauty of a blank canvas.”

’tis the season–of abdominal pain?

If April showers bring May flowers, and Mayflowers bring pilgrims, what does June bring? Apparently, abdominal pain. I’ve had some internal discomfort for a while, and since I practically have a medical degree because I can Google my symptoms, I self-diagnosed it as being gall bladder-related. My doctor-sister, Wendy, thinks… Continue Reading “’tis the season–of abdominal pain?”

5 benefits of going paperless.

I love the planet; however, I didn’t go paperless in my classroom to save the Earth. It’s a fabulous, additional benefit, as we ELA teachers can photocopy like nobody’s business! But saving trees wasn’t the motivating force two years ago; engaging my students–while trying… Continue Reading “5 benefits of going paperless.”

the power of words.

I’m a work in progress–both in and out of the classroom. Outside the classroom, I’m still trying to survive navigate each stage of child-rearing, which I’ve decided is only mastered after my own two children have moved on to the next phase of development.  But that hasn’t… Continue Reading “the power of words.”

the “real-world” midyear (& final)

It sounds like an oxymoron. After all, what is “real-world” about taking a midyear exam? Outside of taking the LSAT or sitting for Boards, when in life do we adults ever have to take an exam covering the events of the last 5 months? Or worse,… Continue Reading “the “real-world” midyear (& final)”

“make a legal u-turn, if possible.”

2015 was rough. While I still functioned reasonably well on the outside, it entailed a lot of smoke and quite a few mirrors. Even if we’re grieving over a loved one, Standard RL.2.1 still needs to be taught. And regardless of our backlog of essays, Common… Continue Reading ““make a legal u-turn, if possible.””